Design-interior design of 2-room apartment in Kiev



Type of house



74 m²



Ceiling height

2,7 m


Irina Yeremyahina

The design project was created for a young girl and made in Scandinavian style. The main wish was to make the interior in light colors using Scandinavian furniture (in particular Ikea). The basic requirement for materials and furniture in the interior is a natural origin, for example, stone, flax, cotton, wood, fur, metal, ceramics. These materials create a real cosiness and comfort in the room.

Organization of space

The living room is divided into two parts – lounge area and a working area. A light glass partition zoned space, separating the working area, making it more comfortable. And modern spot systems on the ceiling help illuminate every corner of it. The laconic Scandinavian sofa is the compositional center of the interior. A soft bright yellow chairs invite to sit down and admire the view from the panoramic window.

Correctly placed furniture in the kitchen visually makes the stretched space more proportional, the table area is highlighted.

In the bedroom, a decorative artificial fireplace was made, framed by a beautiful tile with patterns of geometric shapes. You can sit next to him on a soft puff and dream.

In the corridor, it was possible to find a place for a bicycle on a long brick wall. On the contrary, there are many pictures in contrasting frames. An interesting solution is the sliding door to the living room. It passes light perfectly and does not occupy space in the corridor.

Planning solution with explication

For the Nordic countries that gave the world a Scandinavian style of interiors, long winters, premature twilight and lack of sunlight throughout the day are characteristic. Therefore, the abundance of bright white is the first thing that catches your eye when looking at a Scandinavian apartment. White decorative bricks, white ceilings, white interior doors in combination with natural beige and gray-blue finish colors bring the Scandinavian charm, balance, harmony and coziness to the interior. Light shades of the apartment dilute cheerful and bright color accents, for example, yellow armchairs in the living room, blue watches and textiles in the bedroom, ceramic tiles in the color of the sea waves in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Also are used elements of light wood, very characteristic for the Scandinavian style: a parquet, a wooden bed with a chest of drawers in the bedroom, wooden countertops in the kitchen.

Despite the fact that Scandinavian style is not peculiar to the pursuit of luxury, it is a fashionable and relevant solution for interior design. He disposes to himself, radiating extraordinary lightness, naturalness and simplicity.

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