Something about us

Our studio has been successfully engaged in the design of residential and commercial interiors since 2007. During our work we realized many interesting projects.

Our main task is the realization of the boldest ideas and expectations of our customers, the creation of an interior design that fully meets all ergonomic, functional and aesthetic requirements. Such interior must be original and harmonious.

We work in all styles and directions, taking into account the wishes of the customer and guided by the current trends in the field of interior fashion.



Continuous improvement of professional knowledge, skills and unlimited imagination transform your square meters into a unique, bright and memorable interior. High professionalism and creativity make it possible to create an exquisite interior taking into account the wishes of the customer.


Working with us, you will find that every project is exclusive. You will not see the same elements and boring objects in any project, That's all because each interior is individual, like its owner, and there will not be such interior any more. We will create for you new projects, unique in color, style, architecture ...


We will develop design project, perform repair and finishing works, select lighting, fabrics and decorative elements individually for the interior of your room. At the same time, we are making start from the budget for repair and equipment. We are ready to bring the project till full implementation. And you will enjoy the end result.


We work for people who keep their hands on the pulse of time, understand the inevitability of the transformation of the surrounding world and admire the fashion trends and innovations in architecture, design and art. We know modern trends in design and architecture, as well as new technologies in construction and finishing. Our design project will remain relevant for a long time.

We are a team of professionals and we truly love our work!
There are no priority areas for us, everything is important.

Alexander Yeremyahin

Founder and head of the studio. I consider that there are no unsolvable situations. About myself: the one who wants to move forward - looks for ways to solve problems. The one who does not want - the reasons for failure.

Irina Yeremyahina

Leading designer, artist. Graduate of the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts. About myself: profession of the interior designer attracted me with the fact that it is possible to create a beautiful and functional space so that people, being in it, would enjoy and return home gladly.

Ludmila Borodavka

Designer, decorator. Graduate of the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts. About myself: probably, I was very lucky with the fact that my profession became my life and I began to develop in this direction without wasting time searching for myself.

Oxana Sheremet

Designer, decorator. Graduate of the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts. About myself: I am interior designer and happy person because I am lucky to do what I love.

Sergey Sheremet

Architect. Graduate of the Kiev University of Construction and Architecture. About myself: I always implement my new ideas in the project, relying on the desires and worldview of customers, trying to develop and make their dream perfect.

Andrey Miketin

Head of the construction department. Professional in the field of construction and repair works. About myself: in the process of work I constantly improve the professional approach to combine creative inspiration and modern building technologies.

Anna Yermolyuk

PR-manager. Specialist in the field of management of organizations and their administration. About myself: I love the business that I do, so I invest in it with total dedication, enthusiasm.

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