Architectural design

Cost of services

Preliminary design - from 3 $ sq.m.

-General layout (location of the building on the plot)
-The planning solution (floor plans in axes, without dimensions)
-Incisions of building
-3D Visualization of the building exterior

* The material is submitted in A3 format album and electronically on a CD-ROM

Architectural project - from 10 $ sq.m.

-Technical and economic indicators
-Explanatory note
-General layout
-Architectural and planning solution (storey plans)
-Bricklaying drawings
-Incisions and facades of a building
-Principal nodes and solutions
-Sheets of floors, window and door fills
-3D Visualization and presentation materials – (perspective types of exterior solutions)

* The material is submitted in A3 format album and electronically on a CD-ROM

Constructive solutions - from 10 $ sq.m.

-Constructions of foundations (pile foundation, belt foundation, slab)
-Calculation of bearing capacity of partitions and walls
-Constructions of monolithic reinforced concrete belts
-Constructions of monolithic reinforced concrete overlaps or layout of prefabricated reinforced concrete overlap slabs
-Structures of beams and columns
-Bulkhead structures
-Roof constructions (rafter system)
-Constructions of the pool bowl, constructions of retaining walls and so on

* The material is submitted in an A3 format album and electronically on a CD-ROM

Working project - from 25 $ sq.m.

-Explanatory note
-Architectural project
-Constructive solutions
-Engineering section:
a) Power supply system
b) Water supply system
c) Water disposal system
d) Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heating networks

* The material is submitted in A3 format album and electronically on a CD-ROM

Calculation of the estimated cost - the price is negotiable
Development of an improvement plot plan - the price is negotiable
Author's supervision - the price is negotiable

We will create a complete set of drawings and calculations, necessary for the construction of the building, whether it is a private house or a commercial object. The documentation package includes outline, architectural and working projects, in total it is from 10 to 30 schemes and drawings. Having project documentation, you will know the cost and terms of construction work, you will be able to agree  the object in state bodies and begin construction. The exact number of drawings and the composition of the documentation depends on the complexity of the project.

Also we will help in the improvement of your plot – this is a whole range of works to improve the appearance and conditions of use of the adjacent territory. Having studied the relief and geodetic features of the area, our specialists will develop a detailed plan for the improvement of your plot. The plan includes works on gardening, laying of engineering communications, construction of economic buildings and decorative elements (bridges, arbors, sculptures), creation of artificial lighting and other items.

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