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We create conceptual, comfortable and technically designed
interiors that enhance the quality and way of living

Our team will develop a design project for your apartment, private house, restaurant or cafe, will design for you a comfortable and functional interior, selecting carefully all materials and equipment. We adhere an individual touch to the design of the architectural object, taking into account the landscape, geological and architectural features. We develop the design taking into account the rules of ergonomics and the rules of world trends, as well as all the requirements and wishes of the customer. We love our work and are proud of its results, because every day we change someone’s life for the better!


Our studio offers a full range of services from the execution of design projects till carrying out all construction-installation works with finishing and complete assembly. Our architectural company undertakes to fulfill orders of any complexity and specifics, whether it’s a small apartment in a high-rise building, a country mansion, a large business center or a posh hotel-restaurant complex.

When ordering a design project, you get:

measuring and drafting the task.

We will make accurate measurements and photo information of the architecture object. We will execute a detailed and accurate measuring drawing with the indication of the areas before re-planning. We will study all your ideas, wishes and compile technical requirements for creating an ideal design project.

planning and zoning.

Using every centimeter of the premises, we will develop possible variants of layout with zoning, placement of furniture, technique and sanitary equipment so that you can choose the best option that fully corresponds to the task.

concept and visualization.

We will prepare preliminary conceptual sketches, we will agree with you the stylistic and color solution. Perform a photorealistic 3D visualization of all rooms. Even if it seems that you understand everything, do not start repair until you see the interior in 3D. This will save you from making wrong, hasty decisions and unnecessary costs.


We will prepare professional scheme documentation (with all the detailed schemes, plans, cuts, scans, etc.), which will give exhaustive answers to all questions in the course of repair and finishing works. Perfect drawings are the implementation of an approved design project without unnecessary questions and nerves.

implementation and author supervision.

We will bring the design project till the end. We'll carefully select all the details of the interior so that your wishes can be accurately realized. The designer of Perfect Interior studio will hold all negotiations with suppliers for you, will execute full analysis of the proposals and will give you the right and the opportunity to make the final choice. If necessary, our designer can take on all the management of construction before the object is executed.

interior decoration and furnishing.

Entrust a complete decoration of objects to specialist. The designer will do this, keeping all the wishes and taking into account your preferences. This will preserve the originality of the design project. We will determine suitable decorative objects, elements, accessories and accents. We will prepare a commercial offer with the indication of companies, store addresses and prices.

Why do you need interior design?


Not all our customers from the very beginning can unequivocally say whether they need a design project, and if they need it, than why. Moreover, there are plenty of pictures on the Internet with beautiful interiors – take it and do it … If you doubt the need of a design project or its purpose, let’s consider the reasons for applying to professionals.

Cause № In order you will not be disappointed in your dream about an ideal interior

Having bought a new apartment, having moved with your company to a new office, renting a space for cafe or simply deciding to make changes to an already designed interior, you will inevitably come across the question: "what I want to see in this room."

Most people are absolutely sure that they know exactly the answer to this question. Many have already seen examples of interiors they liked, they remember some interesting design solutions, noted for themselves some elements of decoration and furnishing, made up an idea of ​​the preferred color scheme, etc. In short, such people can sincerely believe that they already know exactly what they want, and they often take their own ideas into practice with some degree of success. But sometimes attracted furniture can not be combined, for example, with decor elements, and the favorite chandelier will begin to argue with the general style of the room, or completely lost in it, without having produced the expected aesthetic effect. What seemed beautiful in a store or on pictures from the Internet in reality is not pleasant to the eye. It becomes obvious that, by looking pile of magazines and reading a dozen of articles in the Internet, you can’t create independently and at a decent level and implement the interior of your dreams.

The main difference between the designer’s approach to interior planning and the non-professional approach is the presence of so-called “artistic vision” of the future premises. Only the skill of the artistic view on subject that even in the very first approximation has not received its reflection in reality (spatial imagination), makes it possible to discern a holistic picture of the future interior taking into account all the details and nuances. A person who does not have an artistic practice “sees the future” in poorly designed and disconnected emotional images, keeps in mind only a vague idea of ​​individual elements, unable to merge them together and assess the harmony of the ensemble. The designer has some specific knowledge (ergonomics, the concept of composition, color psychology, lighting theory), knows the theory of the interior styles, knows the market of finishing materials, understands the technical details. The designer will create sketches of the future interior, in which you will understand whether you will be comfortable and cozy in your new home.

You can ask: “What if I do not like the design?”

With a professional approach to the development of interior design, customer simply can’t be dissatisfied with the result- after all, he is born in numerous consultations, discussions, joint viewing of catalogs, magazines, samples. If the designer does his job qualitatively and professionally, and the customer treats the design seriously and thoughtfully, than the result of their joint work will necessarily be an interior that best suits the needs and preferences of the customer. In addition, work on the project is carried out in milestones. And at each milestone acceptance of decisions by the customer is required. If the solution does not meet the customer’s tastes, consent to it will not be received, and work on this phase of design will continue. Ultimately, 3d visualization will meet your expectations! Moreover, when choosing a designer, you can first get acquainted with his previous work. After all, every professional designer, like any artist has his own, unique style, his own manner. If you like the designer’s portfolio – safely order a design project.

Conclusion: it is worthwhile to entrust the development of a design-project to professional who has certain knowledge to create the interior of your dream, and his experience will avoid annoying mistakes.

Cause № In order to repair did not turn into a nightmare

How to convey to the builders your vision of your future interior? You can "live" on the building object, showing tirelessly to the workers what to pack and how to connect. But even in this case, you may face a fair reproach: "It was necessary to speak before, it's too late now".

Planning of construction and repair work is carried out with a clear understanding of what you need to get at the finish. Everything is important: from the location of the conclusions of low-voltage electric grids till the layout of the switches and a description of their functionality, from floor and ceiling plans till sections of complex structural elements. The only acceptable “language” of bringing your idea to skilled workers is the professionally prepared working documentation of the design-project with all its detailed schemes, plans, blueprints, etc. In order to minimize the damage from carelessness of employees and to execute the project as accurately as possible, we always recommend using the service of author supervision. The designer will monitor the progress of work and its’s conformity towards project.

Even such a simple process (from the point of view of planning and technology) like laying out tiles, requires preliminary careful study by the designer. He will carefully plan the layout of the tile: where it will start and where it will be cut, and the joints of the tiles in adjacent rooms should be the same level (for example, if the floor of the bathroom and the corridor is laid with tiles, the seams at the joints should continue each other, unless otherwise provided designer specially). Such advance planning will also make it possible to correctly calculate the required amount of material, taking into account the undercut (which is especially important when working with expensive materials). Otherwise, the workers will begin to layout tile as it would be more comfortable for them, and it is not a fact that “The solitaire will work out well”.

“I can use the designer’s free consultation in the salon or the store”,- you can object. But the designer in the salon does not develop the design of your house as a single whole. In addition, the services of designers in the salons are not free, just the price for them is included in the price of the material that you are buying. He will not be able to give you much time, he will not get deep and individual approach to each client surely. In addition, such a designer will be primarily interested in your purchase of the materials in this store. He is limited by the choice that his salon provides. At the same time in another salon, perhaps, there is something more suitable for you in style, price or quality.

Conclusion: the complete package of working documentation is a clear action plan for builders. This will allow you to execute accurately  the design of your premises.

Cause № In order you did not lose your time and your money ineptly

There is a stereotype that a design project is expensive. However, creating a design project before starting repairs will allow you to save a significant amount of money during the repair.

In fact, referring to the designer, you optimize your expenses. Detailed study of the project excludes the possibility of expensive alterations, which can be in case of independent work. You will understand if the color of the walls looks good even before you buy a paint and use it. Calculation of the required amount of materials will allow you not to overpay for extra square meters and kilograms. Without the project-design you will not be spare from the rework that is inevitable during the repair. The interior designer thinks through all the technical aspects. Due attention not given to them often, hoping that everything will work out by itself. Fatal error. Your comfort depends on these moments. Have you thought about at what height do you place the sconce, how many sockets do you need and where are they located? It is too late to deal with these issues during the repair.

“I will have to buy expensive designer furniture, sanitary engineering, finishing materials”

Development of the design-project is a joint work of the designer and customer. The customer at all stages controls and directs the designer’s ideas. He can specify the budget in advance, which designer must meet. Or during the development of the project he can indicate the unsuitable for the price items. The designer can offer you expensive furniture or plumbing, but can not force you to buy it. In this case compromise option should be found – a cheaper analogue, suitable for  the overall design concept of the project.

Conclusion: it is cheaper to do qualitatively at once than to redo it later. A quality interior design-project and its professional accompaniment will certainly reduce the possible additional time spending and additional material costs.

Cost of the design project

We offer to choose a design-project set right for you.

By trusting us, you can be sure that:

We carefully analyze all the details of your wishes and implement them in the project.

We will offer the most adequate prices on the development of the interior design project.

The best architects and designers with specialized education and great professional experience will work on your project.

The order will be executed strictly on the deadline.

The result will meet your expectations. Thanks to the high level of 3d visualization, you will be able to see the ready design of the premises even at the engineering phase.

The interior design project, developed by our studio individually for you, will not be realized anymore for any customer. This means that your house, apartment, restaurant or office will be really special.

IF YOU ARE FAR FROM KIEV, this is not a problem for us. We can work remotely using the capabilities of the Internet. The only difference from the standard procedure will be only that you will need to provide us with the dimensions of the room and a few photos, we will do the rest ourselves by supporting communication by phone, mail, Skype or any other convenient way. As a result, you will receive by e-mail (and, if necessary, traditionaly) all the drawings, visualizations, plans. If necessary, we will remotely accompany the entire implementation process and provide full support for the project.

WE WORK IN ALL STYLES, and do not impose more convenient one for us to client. Designers of our studio versed in all style directions and take the best from everyone.

WE OFFER ADDITIONAL DESIGNER DISCOUNTS ON FINISHING MATERIALS. Our profit is the sale of our services, we do not make mark-ups for the materials, but on the contrary, we try to provide the customer a really fair price! That’s why we work only with reliable and trusted partners. Their list is replenished every day.

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