3d visualization

Cost of services

3d visualization of interior

The cost of interior visualizing depends on many factors, such as

floor space, stylistics, the complexity of modeling furniture and

decorative elements, number of angles, variations with different

types of lighting.

from $ 5 per 1 sq. m., but not less than $ 50 per room

Modeling of individual furniture

To perform visualization of the object at the highest level, the customer

should prepare a technical assignment. The more detailed it will be,

the more accurately we can convey the ideas of the customer.

20-25 $ for 1 model

3d visualization загородного дома

The cost of 3D visualization of the exterior is calculated individually

depending on the complexity and timing of the work.

up to 300 sq.m. – from $ 500 per project

Multi-storey residential complex/office center

Using a 3d visualization of a building, a customer can comprehensively examine

the facade of the future house, the type and material of the roof, the shape of the

windows and the decoration of the walls.

from $ 1000 for the project

3d visualization of cottage village

Any construction company will receive much more customers if

it will be possible to present to potential buyers not just an individual

real estate, but the whole complex with developed infrastructure, executed in 3D.

from $ 1200 for the project

3D visualization is an integral part of architectural and interior design, allowing to create the most realistic exterior of buildings and interior of premises. In other words, this is modern computer graphics which helps to create volumetric models of projects. Professional visualization of real estate allows you to bring your idea to the customer easily and clearly. This makes visualization an optimal tool for creating complex architectural and interior projects.

We have only experienced specialists who work together with the best techniques for maximum effective 3D modeling. It is quality and convenient to order 3D model in our company, because we take into account all customer’s desires.

You can get advice and calculate the exact cost of visualization. Just call by phone indicated on the site or leavе your contact information in the form of feedback.
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