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Architectural design is one of the most important stage in the building construction. Studio Perfect interior is ready to provide services by development of a country house or cottage architectural design. At the same time, we will take into account the customer’s taste preferences, create a project in which he will meet all the requirements.

Engineering of a cottage is an important and responsible step, the foundation of the future structure.

We are ready not only to develop an individual architectural design of the cottage, but also to redevelop the already existing standard project. After all, often the planning decision of the standard cottage project does not fully satisfy the requirements of the customer, does not match the way of family living. The area, number of rooms and their appointment depends on the individual characteristics of the family. It is worth mentioning that the garage, boiler room, sauna, billiard room, library, utility rooms often are also required adjustments. To make changes in the project of the cottage during the construction phase is much more difficult than to take into account all in advance.

Individual design of the cottage can be divided into several stages:


At this stage, the technical project for the design of your house is filled together with the architect and designer. We will discuss the characteristics of materials and their advantages, we will select the best constructive scheme for your house to meet your requirements.


We will offer you several options of planning solutions and after the discussions we will determine the most suitable. The one that best suits your requirements and will suit you functionally: all premises are of the right areas and are located where you need that.


We will help to determine the architectural style, which defines the shape and style of the layout already at the planning phase. In the working process we will think over the shape of roofs, windows, doors, decoration, decorative elements.


Simultaneously with the architectural design, we will develop blueprints. All structural and technical details and components are discussed together in order to exclude the complication of the project implementation during the construction phase.


We create 3D image of the future house from all sides. In addition (at the request of the customer) we draw the plot, taking into account the individual features of the landscape and the small architectural forms located on it.


Plot improvement is a whole complex of works on the appearance and use conditions of the house territory. Our specialists will develop a detailed plan for the improvement of your territory, studying the relief and geodetic features of the area. The plan will include placing the cottage on the plot, planning the paths and flowerbeds, construction of outbuildings and decorative elements (bridges, gazebos, sculptures), creating artificial lighting and other.

Why is engineering of individual houses and cottages so popular?

Cause № To ensure that the cottage is unique

Person have to pay for the desire to be original and dissimilar in all

This statement is also true for the individual project of the house. Yes, such a project is always unique and takes into account all the wishes of the customer. But it will cost more than a typical one. And yet it often happens that only individual design can save the situation. For example, a customer saw a house in a glossy magazine and categorically demands that his house should look exactly like that. Or a more frequent case: a non-standard plot was chosen for development. And it also happens that the customer makes so many changes and additions in the already selected standart project, that it’s is easier and cheaper to develop new original project.

There are several reasons to abandon the standard project and order an individual:

-you live in a region with a harsh climate;
-you have a large family, which requires special planning;
-in your family there are people with special needs;
-you just do not want to be like everyone else.

Individual engineering of houses includes:

-preparation and approval of technical assignment;
-conclusion of a contract for project;
-the creation of the house concept, the choice of style and planning decisions;
-coordination of plans and facades of premises;
-development of a draft sketch, architectural or working project;
-projects of additional constructions on the plot – garage, workshop, bathhouse, etc.
-visualization of the project in 3D.

Individual projects of cottages are advantageous because they take into account such wishes: the number of rooms you need and their area; the mutual arrangement of rooms that will make your lifestyle as comfortable as possible (for example, if your child is addicted to music, you can provide for him a studio room that will be comfortable for him and others, or a separate room with a bathroom on the first floor for a grandmother) ; appearance of the house – facades; finishing and building materials that you like; the presence of balconies, terraces and garages; wishes for plot planning.

It will be the perfect house created for you.

There will be enough space for rest, and for productive work, for meetings with friends and for spending time with family.

Conclusion: if a private house is an old dream of your family, and you have the right amount of money to create it, you should take seriously the embodiment of a long-standing goal.


Cause № To refuse high-rise buildings

There was a very important event in your life - a decision was made to build your own house.

Great idea: on the one hand, you can forget about dirty entrances and noisy neighbors, on the other – this is the best investment of capital. A small nuance, need to decide how your new housing will look like. The decision to choose a house is a task with many unknowns. Specialized interior magazines, or trips outside the city to the private sector will not be able to help. Every wish and reasoned argument are often mutually exclusive. And it is not always possible to combine them into a single whole, collect a completed image. The architectural project will help to solve this difficult task. Our main specialization is an individual approach to architectural design.

Creating a cottage project is a process that is both originative and accurate (requires scrupulous accuracy). That’s why you, as a future homeowner, will have to work in tandem with the architect. Try to imagine the house of your dreams most clearly. Determine the height of the structure, the number of floors, the style of the house, the decor of the facade, the roof, balconies, etc.

Look at the internet projects of houses and photos of fancy mansions before meeting with the architect. This will enable you to explain your wishes most accurately.

The project of a modern house is a package of working documentation, consisting of architectural and engineering sections. Each section includes drawings, explanations and instructions. And it does not really matter if it’s a one-story house project, a house with an attic or a house project with a garage – the requirements for the working documentation are the same.

With each passing year, a trend is increasingly evident that urban residents move from one-type apartments in multi-storey houses to their own houses or cottages located outside the city limits. Based on this, it is not surprising that individual design is in great demand. Individual design of houses will allow you to fully realize all your old dreams into reality.

Conclusion: we want your own home to become your favorite place on earth.

Cost of the design project

We offer to choose a design-project set right for you.

By trusting us, you can be sure that:

We carefully analyze all the details of your wishes and implement them in the project

We will offer the most adequate prices on the development of the ahichtural project

The best architects and designers with specialized education and great professional experience will work on your project.

The order will be executed strictly on the deadline.

The result will meet your expectations. Thanks to the high level of 3d visualization, you will be able to see the ready design of your future cottage and plot of land even at the engineering phase.

The interior design project, developed by our studio individually for you, will not be realized anymore for any customer. We strive to create a unique architecture. And every project is a maximum of effort, attention and responsibility. Your cottage or country house will be really special

IF YOU ARE FAR FROM KIEV, this is not a problem for us. We can work remotely using the capabilities of the Internet. The only difference from the standard procedure will be only that you will need to provide us with the dimensions of the room and a few photos, we will do the rest ourselves by supporting communication by phone, mail, Skype or any other convenient way. As a result, you will receive by e-mail (and, if necessary, traditionaly) all the drawings, visualizations, plans. If necessary, we will remotely accompany the entire implementation process and provide full support for the project.

Architectural design is a service that need to be entrust to professionals. Our specialists know how to create a project, which will require minimal financial and time costs for implementation. We compose every projects so that customers can significantly reduce the cost of construction and further exploitation of the premises.

WE OFFER ADDITIONAL DESIGNER DISCOUNTS ON FINISHING MATERIALS. Our profit is the sale of our services, we do not make mark-ups for the materials, but on the contrary, we try to provide the customer a really fair price! That’s why we work only with reliable and trusted partners. Their list is replenished every day.

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