Construction and finishing works

Cost of services

Dismantling of flooring
                          Name of works Units Price
Dismantling of baseboard m/l 8
Dismantling of linoleum, carpet m2 15
Laminate dismantling m2 25
Dismantling of parquet m2 50
Dismantling of ceramic tiles m2 80
Dismantling of screed m2 50
Packing garbage in bags pc 3
Dismantling of wooden floor on logs m2 45
Dismantling of ceilings
                              Name of works Units Price
Demounting of wallpaper m2 20
Lime erosion, chalk m2 35
Dismantling of cement-sand fillets m/l 35
Dismantling of drywall ceiling m2 55
Demounting of ceilings “Armstrong” m2 25
Stripping old paint m2 40
Dismantling of walls
                        Name of works Units Price
Dismantling of walls, structures made of wood and chipboard m2 35
Demounting of wallpaper m2 20
Dismantling of ceramic tiles m2 100
Stripping old paint (mechanically) m2 40
Dismantling of plaster m2 35
Dismantling of plasterboard wall covering m2 45
Dismantling of partitions in 1/2 bricks m2 60
Dismantling of walls in 1 brick m m3 500
Dismantling partitions of plasterboard m2 65
Dismantling of concrete walls m2 500
Dismantling of aperture
                          Name of works Units Price
Dismantling of window blocks m2 40
Dismantling plaster coatings m/l 40
Dismantling window sills m/l 25
Dismantling of interior doors pcs 60
Dismantling of entrance metal doors
Expansion of openings (brick) m/l 200
Expansion of openings (concrete) m/l 300
Dismantling of electrician
                          Name of works Units Price
Dismantling of the power point
Dismantling of luminaires шт 35
Dismantling of buried wiring m/l 15
Dismantling of electrical. Shield pcs 100
Installation of flooring
                          Name of works Units Price
Screed under the screed m2 45
Laying heat-insulating masonry boards m2 45
Primer floor 1 layer m2 8
The device of rough cement-sand screed up to 50mm m2 80
The device of rough cement-sand screed up to 80mm m2 100
The device of a wooden floor on logs m2 130
OSB on a wooden floor in 2 layers m2 105
Gluing waterproofing unit m2 60
Leveling the floor level with a mass m2 50
Laying tiles m2 200
Plate laying on a step m/l 250
Laying linoleum, carpet m2 40
Laying linoleum on adhesive m2 50
Laminate laying m2 50
Laying of parquet board m2 110
Installation of skirting boards plastic m/l 25
Installation of skirting boards (wood, MDF, etc.) m/l 80
Installation of door sills m/l 60
Installation of door piercing strippers pcs 35
Installation of ceilings
                        Name of works Units Price
First coat of the ceiling (1 layer) m2 8
Stucco ceilings for lighthouses m2 130
Suspended ceiling arrangement of plastic panels m2 75
Arrangement of false ceilings “Armstrong” m2 75
The device pendant from gypsum cardboard m2 120
Sealing of drywall joints with mesh gluing m/l 20
Device of boxes of drywall straight m/l 130
Device of boxes of drywall curvilinear m/l 190
Arrangement of boxes under hidden light m/l 220
Heat / sound insulation of ceilings (mineral wool) m2 30
Noise insulation of ceilings – installation of panels of system ЗИПС m2 150
Mounting perforated corners or paper tape m/l 25
Assembling of arched perforated m/l 30
Pasting the glass fiber on the ceiling m2 40
Putty for water ceilings coloring m 70
Fiberglass sticking on the slopes of boxes m/l 35
Stickering of baguette / fillet m/l 25
Putty, painting of baguette / fillet m/l 20
Plowing of the field-lined baguette / fillet m/l 45
Filler baguette polyurethane with painting m/l 45
Pasting of the ceiling with wallpapers m2 от 50
ПCeiling painting with water-emulsion 2 layer m2 40
Painting the slopes of boxes m/l 35
Fastening of cornices for curtains m/l 55
Installation of walls
                         Name of works Units Price
Brickwork in 1/2 bricks m2 125
Brickwork in 1 brick m2 250
Installation of internal partitions of aerated concrete / foam block m2 80
Installation of internal partitions from pierreplane slabs m2 85
Priming of the wall surface (1 layer) m2 7
Priming of walls with concrete contact m2 15
Stucco mesh filling m2 25
Plastered walls up to 25mm m2 75
Stucco walls from 25mm to 50mm m2 100
Mounting a perforator or paper tape m/l 20
Reinforcement of walls with glass fiber m2 35
Starting putty m2 45
Finishing putty m2 65
Pasting of drywall on the walls m2 70
Sealing joints m/l 20
Installation of false walls with installation of a frame m2 80
Partitions made of drywall 2 sheets on metal frame m2 120
Heat / sound insulation mineral wool m2 25
Painting of walls with water-emulsion m2 35
Pasting of walls with wallpapers m2 от 50
Tile works
                        Name of works Units Price
Laying tiles m2 200
Laying tiles on slopes m2 180
Undercut tiles under 45 degrees m/l 50
Clearing holes in a tile with a diameter of more than 14mm pieces pcs 35
Laying of tiles 10 * 10 m2 220
Laying mosaic m2 420
Installation of tile corner m/l 35
Pasting ceramics frieze relie m/l 70
                        Name of works Units Price
Installation of installation boxes pcs 60
Installation of lighting outlets, air conditioners pcs 40
Wire laying 3 * 2.5 m/l 10
Wire laying 3 * 1.5 m m/l 10
Wire laying 2* 1.5 m m/l 10
Installation of TV wire m/l 10
Installation of the Internet cable m/l 10
Installation of luminaires pcs 85
Installation of automatic diffusers pcs 80
Installation of automats pcs 60
Installation of zero and ground rail pcs 25
Installation of sockets number pcs 30
Installation of switches
Installation of fan pcs 50
The device of a niche (brick) pcs 250
Device niche (concrete) pcs 400
Installing the switchboard 16 modules pcs 220
Drilling through holes in the walls pcs 45
Indenting in brick m/l 25
Indenting in concrete m/l 35
Plumbing works
                          Name of works Units Price
Dismantling of old water supply and sewerage system pcs 600
Water distribution point point 400
Sewerage distribution point point 80
Installation of consoles pcs 500
Installation of the ladder shower pcs 250
Dismantling and assembling of sewage systems pcs 700
Installation of WC pcs 350
Installation of washbasins pcs 300
Installation of cranes pcs 30
Installation of kitchen faucet pcs 200
Filter unit (flask) pcs 350
Crane and shower installation pcs 350
Mounting the collector (comb on 4 inputs) pcs 560
Laying of polypropylene pipes m/l 30
Laying of metal-plastic pipes m/l 25
Installation of heating radiators pcs 300
Connection of heating radiators pcs 200
Indenting walls for pipes m/l 65
Installation of a warm floor m2 120
Installation of a water measuring unit (meter, tap, valve, fil) pcs 250

On this page of the site we presented the actual price for repair and finishing works. We offer you to get acquainted with the prices for the services of qualified specialists-builders and finishers of our company. You can get an idea of ​​the range of our prices for construction and repair, and if the services of builders are urgently required, then today we will calculate the estimated cost of repairs. The price for repair works is presented for the city of Kiev and the Kiev region. If in the price list for construction works 2018 there is no position you are interested in, just call us and experienced specialists will help to calculate your expenses for construction and repair.

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