Apartment in the complex “Contrast”

Design and 3D visualization of the interior of the apartment


Pushkinskaya st., Irpen, Kiev region, Ukraine

Object type


Area & ceiling height

41,6 sq.m / 2,8 m

Chief designer

Irina Yeremyahina


Oksana Sheremet

Technical documentation

Alexander Yeremyahin

The design project was developed for a young family with a child. Customers wanted a bright and airy interior of the bedroom. At the same time, the office was to become a room in dark, deep tones that evoked concentration and reflection.

Warm halftones were chosen to decorate the bedroom, as they create comfort and relax. In addition, they expand the space at the same time. Dusty, bleached shades go well with each other, becoming a pleasant neutral background for more saturated and contrasting color furniture. The center of the composition was a bed of a beautiful shade of chocolate. An interesting solution was to frame the door with cabinets, which thus do not clutter the space.

Competently thought-out design of the cabinet allowed to create a comfortable and cozy corner, favorable for work, adjusting to the desired mood and delivering aesthetic pleasure. The furniture in the office should be the most necessary and functional, so that nothing distracts or interferes with the work process. Therefore, a minimum number of interior items was used to create jobs – tables for 2 people, shelves, closet. There is also a cozy and soft sofa that organizes the seating area.

The absolute opposite of the cabinet is a children’s bedroom. The color scheme is based on a combination of creamy shades with purple – the favorite color of the little hostess. Everything is concise and functional. Shelves, racks and lockers for toys and textbooks are well thought out. The corner with slate painting of walls turned out to be interesting – the child will be able to draw with crayons on walls everything that wants.

Children's room

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