Coffee-Bar “OSHER & MAZL”

Design-project of a coffee bar in Irpen


Residential Complex "Rich Town", Irpen, Kiev region, Ukraine

Object type

Cafe bar


70 sq.m

Ceiling height

2,6 m

Chief designer

Irina Yeremyahina


Irina Yeremyahina and a group of artists

Every owner of a restaurant, cafe or bar wants to make their place special, attract more visitors and bypass competitors. Stylish, thoughtful design is what will help to cope with these tasks. The owner of the cafe-bar “Osher and Mazl” chose the Loft style, which emphasized the good taste and originality of the owner, and helped us create a unique and cozy atmosphere, which we want to return to again and again.

Loft surprisingly combines rough materials with ultra-modern technology, promotes simplicity and simplicity, but at the same time looks very bold and unusual. This style erases the usual boundaries. He rejects the superfluous: ostentatious luxury, false luster and glamor. And exposes what was customary to hide: rough plaster, brickwork, pipes and ventilation.

The atmosphere of the cafe is a single space, not cluttered with walls and partitions, walls with a rough finish, the contrast of the concrete ceiling and wooden floor. The dark room creates an atmosphere of calm. The light is accentuated on tables and bars. Grouped tables and chairs create several zones that differ in their functional purpose. There will be a place for a big, noisy company of friends and a couple in love who want a romantic atmosphere.




The brick wall looks organic and stylish in this interior.

Luminaires of different shapes and sizes give the atmosphere a lofty charm and add variety.

Retro themes of the cityscape give the cafe a homely feel. And do not confuse the yellow door to the bathroom with any other.

Sofas and chairs with soft upholstery add softness to the interior.

The light is accentuated on tables and bar. Pendant lights perfectly complement the design.

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