Design-project of apartment in Kiev



Room type



92 sq.m

Rooms number


Ceiling height

2,7 m


Irina Yeremyahina

Design project of apartment was designed in the American style. The interior perfectly reflects the hospitable character of the owners. The apartment in American style distinguish by the lack of doors and partitions between the hallway, living room, kitchen and dining room. Transitions between zones can be distinguished by a decrease in the level of the floor. Only the bedroom, bathroom and children room are closed for free access.


Особенности интерьера

In the living room were taken into account all the features of the American style – the presence of a large space because of connecting the kitchen and living room, zoning space and lots of furniture. The spacious room serves both a kitchen, a dining room and a place to relax. In such a free location you can prepare breakfast, invite guests to dinner or comfortably sit on the couch by the TV.

As it should be in the American style, the space between the kitchen and the living room is divided into a bar counter and a multi-level ceiling, and also with the help of color contrasts.

Talking about the appropriate colors in the kitchen, here the gamma of neutral tones prevails. Bright colors are rare. Kitchen facades and dining furniture of noble ivory shades look great against a contrasting coral shade of textiles.

Kitchen living room has a central chandelier, hanging over the bar and spot lights above the work surface.

Interior design of the bedroom in American style combines a variety of modern and antique items. The bed is made in a classic design. There are 2 nightstands and a chest of drawers. Coral shade of textiles beautifully contrasts with the walls of dense gray color.

A typical dream of an ordinary US citizen is a prestigious job, a strong family and a beautiful house. The interiors of their houses are almost always attractive and functional. Therefore, this direction has become an excellent choice for the design of apartment for a young family.

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