Design-project of 1-room apartment in Kiev



Room type



48 sq.m

Rooms number


Ceiling height

2,6 m


Irina Yeremyahina

The design project was designed for a young guy. The main wish was to make a graphical gray interior with a bright accent.

Организация пространства

Thanks to the proper organization of the space, the small kitchen began to seem spacious. The central place on it was occupied by a round dining table with unusual chairs, which attract attention to themselves.

It was decided to make a single room as a bedroom and at the same time an office. One of the main tasks was the organization in the working place, where one could sit at a computer, read books, process correspondence, etc.

Цвета, фактуры и декор

Gray is used as a neutral background in the bedroom. The dark gray wall attracts attention with the depth of color. Together with the customer it was decided to dilute the gray shades with a bright red color in the living room and kitchen. The contrast method freshens space, brings zest to the design, and the room does not seems narrow visually.

For a small kitchen, it was decided to use lacquered smooth facades, perfectly reflecting the light. Such a reception pushed kitchen furniture to the background visually, expanded the space. The rough textured plaster looks bold and unusual against the backdrop of dense gray walls. Bright points of luminaries expand the kitchen room visually, located along the perimeter of the ceiling.

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