Design-project of 2-room apartment in Kiev



Room type



76 sq.m

Room number


Ceiling height

3,1 m


Irina Yeremyahina

The area of the apartment is 76 sq.m. The design project was developed for a young couple without children. The main wish was to make the interior in light colors using a muted and complex blue hue. We wanted to achieve a feeling of laconic, strictly interior, but at the same time homey and cozy. The basic requirement for materials and furniture in this interior is a natural origin, for example, stone, flax, cotton, wood, fur, metal, ceramics. These materials create a real cosiness and comfort in the rooms.

The living room space is very different from the “sterile” white interiors advertised in magazines. Full of energy and color the room at every step emphasizes the individuality of its inhabitants. Here the snow-white is perfectly combined with the natural shades of the tree with complex pastel blue tones and neutral gray. Laconic Scandinavian sofa and cozy chair Egg organize a recreation area and are a composition center for the interior. The furniture for TV is compact and multifunctional.

The kitchen looks impressive, but at the same time homey cozy. The main wall is decorated with a graphical panorama of the city and is effectively combined with a white brick wall. Kitchen facades of the muffled blue shade are perfectly supplemented with facades from light wood.

The bedroom is conditionally divided by a partition into 2 zones – working and sleeping. The partition is not only a decorative element, but also carries a functional charge – it has a niche under the TV, shelves and a locker with swing doors. The main decorative element of the bedroom is a Scandinavian black and white ornament. It decorates the wall behind the bed and the wall at the desk.

The corridor is rather laconic and corresponds the overall design of the apartment.

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